Silvercraft SpA

The first flight occurred, in a record time, already in October 1963.

Silvercraft SpA was founded near Milano in 1962 when Barone Silvestri, a successful Italian Business man, fell in love with helicopters and mandated Ing. Emilio Bianchi to built a light…..

It was further developed and certified with technical assistance of shareholder SIAI-Marchetti into the SH-4. The SH-4 had some original and innovative features like semi-rigid rotor and simplified mechanics, engineered to be easily inspected and maintained with quick change accessibility.




Silvercraft Helicopters Ltd.

is a company founded on 1998, part of the Antares Group.

Antares Group of companies work in all level of the aviation world (helicopter manufacturer, aircraft spare parts, maintenance, composite manufacturing, aircraft trading, consulting, freight and cargo services)

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Arnaldo La Scala
The experience acquired by Arnaldo La Scala (CEO) and dominated by a love of aircraft and rotorcraft, has inspired him to bring to successful fruition an extremely ambitious project, the creation of a pool of companies, including Silvercraft Helicopters Ltd, all highly specialised and well known in the aeronautic sector (from spare parts to maintenance).
SH-4 Helicopter
Ecco noi per esempio (1977)

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Silvercraft!

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